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Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse

On February 2, 2014

By Sophia Whitfield

Before We Met, the third novel by Lucie Whitehouse, is an intense psychological thriller that follows a similar pattern of intrigue to the bestselling Gone Girl.

Centred around newlyweds Hannah and Mark, Whitehouse poses the question: “How well do we really know the man lying in the bed next to us?”

Hannah and Mark meet through mutual friends in New York. After a whirlwind romance, Hannah ditches her high-powered advertising job to return to London with Mark. They set up home on Fulham, close to Hammersmith, where Mark owns and runs a multi million dollar company. Hannah struggles to find work, spending her time catching up with her brother and his family and trying desperately to search for a new job.

Hannah is acutely aware of the fact that she is living in Mark’s home and he is supporting her until she finds a new job. Despite this they are both happy, reaping the rewards of Mark’s success. But then one day Mark fails to come home form a business trip. He doesn’t answer any of Hannah’s text messages or respond to her voicemail messages. Hannah begins to call his friends, to ask questions and as she does a sinister story unravels.

Whitehouse’s gripping story will have you racing to the finish to discover the mystery that unfolds as Hannah delves deeper into Mark’s family background. Compelling and a little unnerving.

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