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By Sophia Whitfield
Marion Halligan’s latest novel will draw you in with its depiction of suburban life, love and death. Every character grieves differently for the man they love. His death creating a chasm in lives built around him.

Goodbye Sweetheart begins with the death of William, a successful lawyer. He dies suddenly of a heart attack in the local swimming pool. At the same time his brother Jack finds himself stranded in the ocean in the middle of a storm.

William leaves behind a devastated wife, two ex-wives and three children. It seems in death that William has not been the perfect husband his current wife thought him to be. His philandering ways that led him to marry three times have continued up until his death.

As the extended family gathers, each one must grapple with their memories and the revelations of the life William led. The secrets, the lies and the loss of a loved one.

Goodbye Sweetheart is a moving story that explores the fragility of family life.

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