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The Perfect Victim by Corrie Jackson

On January 10, 2018

By Sophia Whitfield

If you are looking for a gripping thriller then the Sophie Kent series is for you. The Perfect Victim is the second thriller in the journalist Sophie Kent series.

When a female body is discovered in the River Thames journalist Sophie Kent is shocked to discover that the victim had a connection to her dearest friend and fellow journalist Charlie Swift. Charlie’s first wife died and he has finally found love again with new wife Emily but when it’s revealed that Charlie was having an affair with the victim, he flees.

Sophie refuses to believe that her friend is capable of murder. As she searches for the truth Charlie’s unravelling marriage is revealed along with an uncomfortable past that leads Sophie to a religious cult run by a sadistic founder.

Searching for the truth Sophie is determined to exonerate her friend until she uncovers something that threatens their deep friendship and leads her to doubt everything she knew about Charlie.

DCI Sam Durand – Sophie’s inside source at the Met and blossoming love interest begins to feed Sophie information regarding Charlie. With suspicion falling everywhere, Sophie doesn’t know who to trust.

The perfect thriller to kick off 2018. You can buy the book here in Australia and here in the UK.

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