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There is a cacophony of choice this week with the spotlight once again firmly on the assassination of JFK. This week watch a documentary based on the CBS news team coverage or a dramatic portrayal of events, starring Rob Lowe as JFK. Plenty of family entertainment is to be had on our TV screens. Enjoy before we get the deluge of Christmas offerings.

Sunday: Sliding Doors, 8.30pm, GEM

1998 romantic comedy drama starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah. The film alternates between two parallel universes, based on the two paths the central character's life could take depending on whether or not she catches a train.

Monday: Hellfjord, 11.30pm, SBS

Urban police officer Salmander - a second generation Pakistani immigrant - who, after somewhat accidentally killing his police horse in front of thousands of children, gets relocated to the location farthest north in Norway: Hellfjord.

Hellfjord is populated by typical Norwegians, simple-minded people keenly interested in keeping to themselves.

But when Salmander scratches the surface, he discovers a secret that will turn Hellfjord upside down.

Tuesday, Killing Kennedy, 7.30pm, National Geographic Channel

In a two-hour global TV event, produced by Ridley Scott and starring Rob Lowe as JFK, go inside one of America’s most shocking events: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Wednesday: Borgen, 9.30pm, SBS

In Brussels No One Can Hear You Scream - Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg is about to appoint a new EU commissioner and her old mentor, Bent Sejro, is an obvious candidate.

Nyborg's spin doctor, Kasper, prepares to move into a new designer apartment with his new girlfriend, Lotte.

But is he really over Katrine? Katrine and Hanne Holm have become good colleagues at the newspaper, united in their daily battles with their boss about their journalistic principles.

Thursday, The Hunger Games (2012), 8.30pm, Foxtel Movies

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, this is a must watch before you to take yourself off to the cinema to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, released today.

Friday, As It Happened: JFK – One PM Central Standard Time, 9.30pm, SBS

In an age before information moved instantaneously, Walter Cronkite knew he had to get the call right when he made the announcement, "President Kennedy died at one p.m., central standard time." This documentary presents the chaos in Cronkite's newsroom leading up to this moment.

This documentary is produced by award-winning director, with exclusive interviews with Walter Cronkite and the CBS News team.

Saturday, Shrek Forever After, 8pm, Nine

You can’t go past this classic for family entertainment. Voices include Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers.


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