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TV Weekly Guide 1-7 November

On November 1, 2015

Sunday: The Beautiful Lie, 8.30pm, ABC
Anna doesn't like Xander keeping tabs on her, Skeet receives news that shocks him, Dolly arranges the worst dinner party ever but it does allow Peter and Kitty to meet again.

Monday: Homeland, 9.30pm, Ten
The hacktivists rise up, Quinn covers for Carrie, and Dar and Allison assess the damage.

Tuesday: 800 Words, 8.30pm, Seven
George tries to convince Shay to stay in Weld. The Women of Weld question the motive behind Jan's arrival. Katie organises a camp-in to protest against the proposed development.

Wednesday: Legacy, 8.30pm, BBC First
Based on Alan Judd's novel, this Cold War thriller follows a young spy in 1970s London who discovers the truth about his family's complex past.

Thursday: Sherlock, 8.30pm, ABC
A game of cat and mouse as a crazed bomber pits his wits again Sherlock. Who is behind these deadly puzzles?

Friday: The Graham Norton Show, 8.30pm, Ten
Graham Norton showcases his wickedly cheeky sense of humour in this fast-paced interview show. Guests include: Justin Bieber, Dame Maggie Smith, Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller & Alex Jennings.

Saturday: Breathless, 8.30pm, ABC
Join the doctors & nurses of a London gynaecology unit in the early '60s. Away from the hospital, they are fighting complex personal battles of their own.

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War and Peace to premiere on BBC First

The six part series based on Tolstoy's War and Peace will premiere in Australia on BBC First on Sunday, January 31.

On January 11, 2016
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